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Debt collection

Collection or claims management is one of the key topics for companies, as debt default could result in high risk situations.  Too many unpaid invoices can soon lead to liquidity problems. 

The reasons for the non-payment of open invoices among private defaulters are many. The three most frequent reasons are oversight/forgetfulness, financial bottlenecks (debt overload, unemployment, liquidity issues) or intent. 

A friendly reminder may be all it takes if a customer has simply forgotten to pay in the stress of everyday life. Things may be different if the customer is insolvent. Depending on the situation and the reason for insolvency, it could be advisable to offer a payment plan. In the case of debtors who default on payments intentionally however, this behaviour is often a systematic part of the individuals cash management to manage his/her own liquidity. Whether or not this methodology is based on actual cashflow problems or cold calculation really doesn't make any difference. As a retailer or service provider, you depend on receiving that payment.

heidelpay Group supports its customers with expert knowledge during pre-litigation and judicial debt collection. In addition to protection against prescription of the claim, heidelpay Group also undertakes long-term surveillance of debtors to ensure that the debt will be collected, once the financial situation of the debtor improves. 

Factoring and payment guarantee  

As an independent provider of proprietary payment methods like the white label purchase against invoice and white label instalment purchase methods, heidelpay Group will take over the payment guarantee following a positive credit check of the customer. Should the customer fail to pay his invoice after dunning, the heidelpay Group company UNIVERSUM Group will purchase the open claim.  UNIVERSUM Group will then also handle the debt management while providing the payment guarantee. That will include the creation of debtor accounts, ongoing monitoring of received payments and the initiation of dunning procedures when the payment period is exceeded.

In addition to the payment guarantee, retailers have a second option at their disposal to safeguard unsafe payment methods: In factoring, UNIVERSUM Group will purchase the claim at the time of its creation. In other words: the open claim is sold off directly, as soon as the customer hits the order button. The retailer receives payment soon after the order is submitted.

You would like to learn more about heidelpay Group debt collection solutions? 
Please contact the heidelpay Group company UNIVERSUM Group for more information and competent, expert advice.