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Omnichannel solution

Offline and online retail are growing ever closer together. This development is driven by customers, who look for offline and online information and later buy either offline or online depending on the situation. 

Retailers must confront this growing trend and the challenges it poses. Customers demand a cross-channel shopping experience. For retailers, that means they will need a realtime ERP system and the ability to have product information readily available offline, online and increasingly also for mCommerce. 

The omni-channel approach must, however, go further. Customers demand a standardised journey – especially in terms of payment. heidelpay Group ensures a seamless checkout implementation suitable for online shops, mobile websites and apps with low programming requirements via the state-of-the-art REST-API, which relies on software development kits (SDKs).


Overview of heidelpay’s omnichannel offering

  • True customer-centric omnichannel solution
  • Breaks boundaries between sales channels and supports all customer touchpoints
  • Access to customer lifecycledata on all connected platforms
  • Accepts online payments in store (e.g. secured invoice)
  • 24/7 storefront shopping including real-time payments
  • Click & collect as well as cash & delivery


Digital solutions for offline retail

Studies show that consumers view digital tools in offline retail as positive. Digital signage, for example, is becoming increasingly popular. 

In most cases, however, digital signage is only used as an additional channel for information. Using it for actual purchasing processes is rare. Digital or interactive shop windows, as offered by heidelpay Group, go one step further.  Customers can look for product information at interactive shop windows, select them and add them to their shopping cart. The 24/7 shop window  becomes a logical extension of the shop counter. heidelpay has patented its BeamBasket technology worldwide. It allows the customer to scan a custom generated QR code and the system then "beams" the shopping cart to the smartphone of the consumer. The customer can then complete his purchase as usual via smartphone, using his favourite payment method. This next generation technology transports traditional window shopping into the digital age, conforming perfectly with the modern digital lifestyle of consumers.

You would like to learn more about heidelpay Group omni-channel solutions? 
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POSeidon 24/7 Shopping Window