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This Code of Conduct applies to all employees and explicitly includes executives, shareholders and business partners of the heidelpay Group. The Code of Conduct serves to provide employees with guidelines to identify and avoid compliance risks in daily business transactions and to deal with them appropriately. These risks involve the danger of damage of a legal or economic nature for the company, but also disadvantages that may arise for the heidelpay Group due to loss of reputation. Compliance means that all state laws and regulations are observed and that we work in accordance with the ethical guidelines that we have imposed on ourselves.            
When employees work for the heidelpay Group, they must adhere to the Code of Conduct, not only to the letter but also with regard to its meaning and purpose. The Code of Conduct contains individual obligations and restrictions.  Each employee is responsible for applying this Code of Conduct in the light of applicable laws, regulations and codes of conduct and for complying with reporting obligations.            
We see integrity as the decisive factor of our success.         

The consistent implementation of the standards we have set ourselves and strict adherence to all legal requirements play a decisive role in gaining and maintaining the trust of our customers and partners.        

The conduct of its employees is esential for the integrity of the company.         

This Code of Conduct is intended to support the creation and development of a living compliance culture and at the same time take into account the needs of the heidelpay Group.         

It should support employees in their daily work and further improve the performance of the heidelpay Group.            

heidelpay Code of Conduct    

As a company, we are aware of our role in society and our responsibility towards our colleagues, customers and partners.             
We measure our daily actions against the highest standards of integrity.

Download our Code of Conduct here