Working conditions

The heidelpay Group is one of the most innovative and fast-growing fintech service providers, and is headquartered in Heidelberg. We are always looking for motivated and committed new employees to support the group in all business areas. Our goal is to strengthen the heidelpay Group as a team in its leading innovative position and thus to be one of the leading players in the payment sector. 

As an employer, we offer a secure job in a growing group of companies with an onboarding process for optimal induction. Flexible working hours and mobile working with modern equipment are just as important to us as the heidelpay Corporate Benefits - a platform for various employee offers and healthcare options. 

Just like the rapidly changing industry, we are also interested in keeping our finger on the pulse of the times and above all in staying there. We have casual Friday every day, free water, coffee and fresh fruit, and various company events such as summer parties, Christmas parties and much more.  

We rely on our own solutions such as invoice and installment purchase, direct debit, online bank transfer, prepayment and credit card as well as on providers of wallet solutions. With over 16 years of experience in e-commerce and at the point of sale, we are a BaFin-approved payment institution offering companies of all sizes the opportunity to process payments worldwide. Our commitment to all necessary financial regulations is a must, and is subject to self-regulation.

"New Work"

Health Care

The safety and health of our employees, partners, customers and visitors are the highest priority. Prevention and long-term protection are developed to high standards throughout the industry. We support our employees and see it as our responsibility to reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace and on the way to and from work.

Digitalisation is accompanied by technological developments. These not only affect resources in the technical sense, they also lead to far-reaching social changes. The resulting possibilities offer a variety of opportunities to keep pace with the speed. Additional spaces and conditions open up this influence to cooperation of the future under the heading of "New Work".

It's not about creating colourful offices, installing table football, or establishing casual chill-out corners. Instead, the new work concept is intended to contribute to a new way of working with a better life. That's why we trust our employees when they work from home or use flexible working hours. In the end, the results and the added value this agility offers are significant. We also support our employees when they are dependent on special conditions due to health restrictions. These include barrier-free access routes and particularly ergonomic workplaces. Special chairs that can help with back problems are a matter of course for us. We support our employees with health-promoting equipment and make it available to them for better wellbeing. It is not for nothing that the saying "a healthy mind ina a healthy body" still applies.

Sports Activities

As er are a tech company, our employees spend a lot of time in front of their screens in the virtual world. In return, many colleagues use sports activities to escape from sedentary everyday life. We offer our employees subsidised health club membership in cooperation with a fitness studio chain. Some employees even spend their lunch breaks at the nearby gym in order to continue working independently on their different projects afterwards.


Healthy Substitutes

A balanced, healthy lifestyle is of special concern to us. The immune system can be weakened considerably, especially during the winter months, becoming susceptible to various pathogens. Regular consumption of fruit and vegetables can protect against all kinds of diseases, as they contain all vital vitamins and minerals. This is why why we supply our offices with appropriate baskets of fruit and vegetables every week from which our employees are free to help themselves. This enables our colleagues to choose healthy substitutes to sugar-laden confectionery.

People spend a lot of time in the offices or in meetings in the course of an average working day. After work, most people want to spend their free time with their family or friends or pursue hobbies. In order to provide the body with corresponding relaxation, our employees have the opportunity to use a masseur in the office on a weekly basis. This in-house service enables them to take a short break without having to make an appointment beforehand and to plan their everyday life accordingly.

J.P. Morgan Run

Each year, we participate as a company in the J.P. Morgan Run - Corporate Challenge in order to promote our employees' sporting ambitions. Every interested employee is cordially invited to take part in the run, which, above all, promotes team spirit and fairness. Working together and playing sports together are common at all levels of the company. Having fun is clearly the main focus. Afterwards, we may spend a summer evening on the large roof terrace to recharge our batteries during a relaxed barbecue.

Corporate benefits

Thanks to good transport connections, we offer our employees the opportunity to use a monthly job ticket for local public transport. The job ticket offers all employees a subsidised fare, raising their environmental awareness and giving them the opportunity to come to work by an environmentally friendly means.

For those who have a longer journey to work or travel by other means, there is the possibility to park directly on or near the company building. A comfortable and uncomplicated journey makes employees flexible, meaning they arrive stress-free.

Mobility is an ongoing issue in today's fast-moving world. With excellent connections to the public transport network, we also offer secure accommodation for bicycles in our office building. With a locakable basement area for their bicycles, employees do not have to worry about weather conditions or security - their bicycles are locked safely aways and can even be kept there overnight.