Corporate culture

The heidelpay Group is a leading force in the evolution of the payment industry. We are therefore constantly on the lookout for new and exciting talent that pushes us and the industry forward. We offering work experience that is both challenging and rewarding. Our environment is characterised  by our open-door policy, a flat hierarchy, and short lines of communication.

We do not react to market developments – we actively shape them. In doing so, our employees have the opportunity to not only further improve our products and develop our company, but also to grow themselves. Working in dynamic teams serving international clients and projects provides an exciting environment - an environment that is the ideal playground for young and established professionals alike who are looking for the very best place in payment to reach new heights in their career.


Shared Values

What connects us all is responsibility for our actions

Respect and appreciation for our co-workers is our highest priority. This creates a pleasant working atmosphere in which our employees are motivated to work and strive for the best possible solution every day. Self-responsibility, entrepreneurial thinking and the urge for innovation are written large in our company. The members of our leadership team are always open for feedback.


More women in management positions

„My many years of experience in HR have taught me that a balanced proportion of women and men is beneficial for a company. In my opinion, the same applies to management positions. Heidelpay has many great women in management positions whose performance is equal to that of their male counterparts. As CRO and manager, I have always supported female colleagues and their development.“
Tamara Huber, CRO, heidelpay GmbH



"In my role as managing director, it is my concern to help shape the current working world in a sustainable and value-creating way. Digitalization offers many opportunities and possibilities. Personally, I place specific emphasis on equal rights for women in the Fintech industry. I want to support women to highlight their abilities and talents and to build a network for their further development."
Ramona Spies, Managing Director, heidelpay S.A. (Luxembourg)




“Digitalization affects our work setting just like every other area of our life. I believe this can be used for good! At heidelpay we use smart tools and devices to connect with each other, so we are always up to date – just like our customers.” 
Petra Linden, Director of Key Account Management, heidelpay GmbH & UNIVERSUM Group 




“In my position as Head of Key Account Management, I manage a team with different personalities. For me it is important to accept and support the way each employee does their job – there is not “a right way” to achieve the best results.”
Britta Wehner, Head of Key Account Management, heidelpay GmbH




"Respect each other and appreciate others’ work – that is what we stand for. In my leadership position, it is important to serve as a role model for my colleagues: I hold myself accountable for everything I do and my teammates can rely on that.” 
Catharina Reteaca, Head of Marketing, UNIVERSUM Group


Digitization 4.0

The new digital disruption



Digitalisation is affecting all areas of life. In the future, new devices and solutions will make our everyday life easier. heidelpay is driving digitalisation and sees itself as a pioneer both within the company and to our customers. Giving our employees the possibility to work remotely as well as providing professional training with e-learning are part of heidelpay’s HR strategy. We create a digital work environment by providing our employees with the devices and tools they need to achieve their personal and corporate goals.